About Swedish Explorer


I am seventeen years old and live in Sweden. I have always had a passion for travel, ever since some of the first trips in Europe (for example a roadtrip to Switzerland in a Skoda when i was four), and love to explore, hence the name Swedish Explorer. My curiosity for new places is always big, no matter if they are narrow alleyways, lively markets, stunning landscapes, ordinary streets where people live their lives or world-known tourist attractions.

Hopefully this blog can give you some inspiration in where you should be heading for your next adventure, or at least be enough to make you dream about far-away destinations for a few minutes.

While traveling is not about collecting countries, it is of course always fun to keep track of where you have been, and therefore I have set together this map. All countries in blue I have visited, and the darker ones I have written at least on blog post about.

The map is clickable, so just tap on any of the countries in dark blue to start exploring!