Best view of Prague

Without a doubt, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, possibly even in the world. With its 1300-years of dramatic history, sights like the Charles Bridge and a vivid food and drinking scene this Czech capital has more than enough to appeal most tourists. But where should you head to get the best view of Prague?

The answer is simply split in two – between the Prague Castle and the Petrin Tower (though there are of course other viewing points around Prague as well). Petrin what? While the Prague Castle is high on the bucket list for most people visiting Prague, its competitor with a clear resemblance of the Eiffel Tower is not as well-known. It might not be free from tourists, but compared to the castle it is still a situation of David vs Goliath in the duel of the best view of Prague.

The Prague Castle

Let’s begin with the superstar, the Real Madrid of Prague, the Prague Castle. Situated northwest of the city center this castle is the world’s largest and offers a great view of the capital.

Pros and cons:

+ Compared to the Petrin Tower you will be vertically closer to the city, which will give you a better opportunity to enjoy the city up close and give your photos some nice motives.

+ I would argue for that the angle for viewing the main sights of Prague is almost ideal, especially compared to the view of the Petrin Tower.

+ You can visit the castle itself while you are there, which in itself is an experience worth the stop.

With the Prague Castle being a target for a lot of tourists, this will, of course, affect both the experience of the view as well as your photographies.

It is somewhat less unique than the Petrin Tower (not the best-preserved sight in the world either, I am aware) and your photos will probably look a lot like most people’s from Prague.

Best view of Prague

Best view of Prague

The Petrin Tower

This challenger is located west to the city center in one of the largest parks of Prague. The Petrin Tower might not be totally unknown, but as mentioned before, compared to the Prague Castle it is nothing more than a cocky contender. To get here you will have to take a funicular up the mountain or walk through the park for about 30 minutes. Once there, you can either take the elevator or the 127 steps to climb the 64-meter tall tower.

+ The view over the city now includes the Prague Castle, which gives the scene one more dimension and makes it possibly even more beautiful.

+ It is an experience in itself and, regardless if you walk or take the funicular, the Petrin Tower is absolutely worth its time.

+ Petrin Tower might not be unknown to people, but you can, however, explore a part of Prague that is not on the main tourist radar and therefore does not attract the same masses of international tourists.

Petrin Tower is located substantially higher than the Prague Castle, which can make it difficult to get the sights, for example, the Charles Bridge, to stand out in your photos. However, it is not difficult to see them by eye.

It is not free. Compared to the no-cost view (and castle) of the Prague Castle you will have to pay to get up the Petrin Tower. It is not expensive, but it is still around 10€ for a 64-meter tall replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Best View of Prague

And the winner of the best view of Prague is…


…the Prague Castle, and the Petrin Tower. It might be a boring answer, but it really depends on what you are looking for. In my opinion, the best photos are taken at the castle, while the Petrin Tower gives a more unique experience and the best view. For the best of both world – just visit both. It is not far to either of them from most parts of Prague and they are really worth the visit.

So, which is your favorite view of Prague?

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