Norrköping – the Manchester of Sweden

Since the industrialization hit Sweden during the 19th century, the city of Norrköping has developed into one of the country’s most important industrial cities. Especially blooming has the textile industry been, something that puts the epithet “the Manchester of Sweden” on the mind. Partly for the big textile industry, but also for the geographical fact of a river in the middle of town that made the industrialization possible.

The similarity is however most hitting visually. Manchester is well-known for its architecture, with red brick houses and factories as a major part of the city. This is also a fact in central Norrköping, with the exception of that some of the houses here have been grouted with different beautiful colors. Along the river (Norrköpings ström) that runs through the city, at least twenty old factories still stand, acting as an outdoor historical museum of Sweden, long-before most industries were moved to other parts of the world.

If you want to visit an actual museum, to get more detailed view on this history, you can visit “Arbetets Museum” (The Museum of Work), located in an old factory building, that explains the development of Norrköping during the 20th century. An interesting insight on what life once was like in Sweden – but the best view is still achieved by just walking along the river with factories on both sides.

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