Swim 25 minutes from Acropolis – on the Riviera of Athens

As waves are hitting the concrete beach walk sea gulls circle over my head. On the beach below some older men are grilling. Palm trees cornering the street gives some much-needed shade from the spring sun.

So where am I? I know I flew to Athens, but the surroundings reminds more of Crete, Rhodes or Mykonos. Well, if it would not have been for the sign of Acropolis, then. Because, actually I still am in Athens – or more specifically on the Riviera of Athens.

This area of the Greek capital, about 25 minutes from the city centre, is generally over-seen by most people visiting the city, who usually are more interested in souvlaki, Parthenon or the old thinkers of Greece. This does however not mean the Riviera of Athens is not worth a visit.

Here you will find a calming oasis in an otherwise hectic, tight and chaotic Athens, where you can relax after days of sightseeing. Sit back at an outdoor seating with a view of the Aegean Sea or buy some roasted chestnuts by a local vendor. Enjoy a swim in the sea, just 30 minutes from Acropolis, or climb up graffitied walls that reminds you of the urban setting.

It might not be as relaxing nor as beautiful as some of the well-known Greek islands, but for being literally in a capital of four million people it works just fine for a first touch of the Aegean Sea.

How to get to the Riviera of Athens:

Of course this depends on where in the city you are, but the tram lines T3 and T4 both takes you here. Otherwise there are also plenty of buses going from the center of town. From the station of Syngrou Fix it takes about 20 minutes, depending on traffic.

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